About Us

The basic idea of MFM was conceived by Professor Morten Lind and has been developed and used over the years by his research group in Denmark and by research groups in several other countries including Norway, Sweden, USA, Japan, China and South Korea.

Our main activities are taking place at the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby Campus, where our team of researchers is developing new functionalities, improving the model building process and customizing it for new industrial applications.

Our goal is to create a bridge between the various research groups around the world that are working with MFM as well as welcoming new people, in order to create a community of people working together to expand the capabilities of MFM. 

With this website, we take the first step towards that goal, by centralizing the existing knowledge and facilitating the exchange of information.

If you want to know more about us or want to join our community, contact us.