What are the opportunities in working with MFM?

There are plenty of opportunities in working with Multilevel Flow Modeling, both in academia and in industry.


For DTU students, we offer courses and MSc projects:

If you are not studying at DTU, we would be willing to organize a short introductory course if we can gather enough participants. Contact us if you are interested.


Research surrounding Multilevel Flow Modeling has been taking place for many years and in collaboration with institutions from all over the world. See a list of our research affiliates.

You can see a list of our current research projects.

We are constantly trying to improve our system and expand our knowledge to new areas of expertise. Therefore, we are always open to establishing joint ventures with other research institutions or welcoming highly talented people in our DTU group.


Most of our research projects are in collaboration with industry. Finding solutions for existing problems and implementing them on real systems is what we strive for.

Multilevel Flow Modeling has a variety of application areas, wherever complex systems or industrial processes are involved. Find out more information here.

If you are interested in our solution, contact us to find out more.

For students, there is the possibility of doing an internship with some of our partners.